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Sweater WeatherSweater Weather

It's Sweater Weather

What was that beautiful (late) summer?

Despite this, we are now looking forward to a beautiful autumn - and present you our latest favorite textiles. And who sips his hot tea - like us - only from individualized cups, gets a few extra Sublmations-Tipps from us! Make yourself comfortable - it's finally SWEATER WEATHER!


Sweater Weather
Sweater Weather
Super discountSuper discount

Then the autumn can only be GOLDEN!

Until 20.10.2023 you get a whole 15 € discount on a purchase over 50 €

The code YOW!COSY applies to the entire range! 


Super discount
The revolution in DTF printing: Secabo MultiCutPro!The revolution in DTF printing: Secabo MultiCutPro!

The revolution in DTF printing: Secabo MultiCutPro!

Are you tired of constantly cutting your DTF rolls with scissors and precision and losing valuable time? Your search for an innovative, fast and reliable solution has come to an end!

Imagine being able to leave all that manual cutting and all the hassle and mistakes associated with it behind. The Secabo MultiCutPro makes just that possible!

Why Secabo MultiCutPro?

  • Precise cutting: The MultiCutPro ensures millimeter-precise cuts that give your final product a professional look.
  • Time efficiency: No more long fiddling with scissors. Increase your production speed and save valuable working time.
  • User-friendliness: With intuitive operation, the machine is perfect for beginners and professionals.
  • Optimized for DTF printing: Designed with DTF printing in focus, it is the ideal complement for anyone who wants to produce high-quality prints.

Secabo MultiCutPro
The revolution in DTF printing: Secabo MultiCutPro!

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