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Printing service READY textile transfer DIN A3 polyester

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Printing service READY textile transfer DIN A3 polyester
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Printing service READY textile transfer DIN A3 (polyester)

  • Full-color, professional textile transfers even in small print runs
  • printing of your image motifs incl. effects, such as color gradients and transparencies
  • no contour cutting or plotting necessary - you get free transfers on a transparent carrier foil
  • Simply transfer to the textile in the heat press

What is READY textile transfer?

This new process has the characteristics of screen printing transfer and allows you to independently transfer a wide range of motif variations even from small runs with your transfer press. Whether drawings, pictures, one-color, four-color, with gradient or effects. Let your creativity run free!


Carrier: transparent

Appearance: matt

Advantages: easier positioning

How does it work?

  • Create your motif(s) on A3 format (print area: 28cm x 40cm)
  • Save/export your motif file as AI, PDF, EPS, PSD, PNG, TIFF
  • in reading direction (no mirror image)
  • Upload the motif file in the YOW! Store
  • We will ship your READY textile transfers within 5 business days (express delivery is also possible).
  • Print your transfer object by transfer press, ready!

Which transfer objects can be printed?

  • Textiles of all kinds (e.g. T-shirts, jackets, sweaters, pants)
  • Suitcases and bags
  • Caps and hats
  • Umbrellas

Pressing conditions

150 °C, 12 seconds, medium pressure, cold peel.

Washing conditions

Wash inside out. Spin at maximum 1,000 rpm. Tumble dry at moderate temperature (maximum 60°C). Iron textile on the inside (maximum 150°C). Do not dry clean.

Limits of the READY transfer

Since the READY / READY PREMIUM transfer is a four-color print and the colors are represented in CMYK, it is almost impossible to obtain an exact Pantone shade. For a READY transfer, an outline in the same color of the textile is required and allows for the containment of the adhesive , which would otherwise be noticeable beyond the graphic. This outline includes all outer as well as inner elements (if there are areas without color application) and shows up in an inconspicuous, slightly frayed edge in the color of the textile, which is no longer perceptible when applied to the textile at the end.

Caution: For a READY transfer to a white textile, your transfer will have a translucent undercoat, not a white undercoat, so any white you apply will not print. A single sheet cannot combine a white textile varnish and a colored outline for colored textiles. If white elements are printed, they do not necessarily have an outline.

For READY PREMIUM transfers, thin lines are difficult to display: Texts or images below 2 pt (1 mm) are not readable. The READY / READY PREMIUM transfers are usually a bit thicker and a bit stiffer than the screen print transfer.

How long does the production take?

Your order will be shipped to you within 5 business days. If your order is urgent, you also have the option to order by express service. Here you can choose between 4, 3 or 2 business days (for price adjustments for express shipping, please see the Scale Prices tab).

What quantities can I order?

You can order between 10 and 10,000 DIN A3 sheets. The unit price changes depending on the quantity (for price adjustments, please refer to the Scale prices tab).

What does it cost?

You can order between 10 and 10,000 DIN A3 sheets. Depending on the quantity, the unit price changes here (for price adjustments, please refer to the Scale prices tab).

1. Motif upload

Upload the file to be printed here. Important information, such as the size of the image and the required resolution, can be found in the "Product Details" tab. Files in the following formats are accepted: ai, eps, pdf, png, tiff. The maximum file size is 250 megabytes.

Your file could not be uploaded.

2. Carrier features

Notice: Please choose the carrier color conscientiously, as a corresponding color border will be printed around the individual objects. If the carrier color white is selected, no printing of the color white will take place. The transfers will then basically not work on other colored carriers.

Please select

3. options

Through the following options you have the possibility to fully customize the item to your needs.

With this option you avoid the sublimation of the textile color through your transfer. Please note that this option is only suitable for sports textiles (made of polyester) and not for softshell!

Save valuable time: With this option, we perforate the individual elements of your transfer so that you only have to detach them - There is no need to cut them out manually. Please note that you must clearly display your desired perforation in your file. There must be at least 1cm of space between the individual elements of your transfer.

If you choose this option and your file does not contain perforation, unfortunately we cannot refund the extra cost for this option.

4. production time

Please observe the following notes on production duration:

  • plus approx. 1 - 3 working days for delivery by the shipping service provider
  • As a rule, only working days are counted as production time

5. File check

If you are not quite sure whether you have created your print data without errors, then we recommend that you have your print data professionally checked by our experts. Please note that the start of production of your order will be delayed by one working day or until possible problems have been clarified if you have selected file checking.

Recommended for advanced users.

Recommended for beginners.

Includes the following services:

  • Check for embedded fonts
  • Check for correct exemption of all objects
  • Checking with regard to the number and allocation of printing inks
  • Checking for sufficient resolution of individual objects
  • Checking the absolute dimensions

Should you decide against file verification, your transfers will be produced without verification according to your file. In this case, we cannot accept liability for errors resulting from an incorrectly created file.

6. Add to shopping cart

The price will be displayed here once you have fully configured the item.
Minimum order quantity: 10
Please enter a quantity.
QuantityPrice per piece (excl. VAT)
10 bis 148,95 €
15 bis 206,30 €
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41 bis 602,68 €
61 bis 992,25 €
100 bis 1991,90 €
200 bis 3991,64 €
400 bis 6991,43 €
700 bis 9991,21 €
1.000 bis 1.4991,04 €
1.500 bis 2.4990,92 €
2.500 bis 3.9990,80 €
4.000 bis 9.9990,76 €
10.000 bis 100.0000,72 €

Depending on the selected quantity and delivery address, our normal shipping costs may still apply. You can find a current overview of our shipping costs here: Shipping

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