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New to the LITE family:New to the LITE family:

Discover our new ball press!

Perfect for beginners and cost-conscious professionals, the Secabo TCB LITE ball press opens up a world of new possibilities and flexibility in the finishing of inflatable sports balls. Personalized mementos and prizes for events or giveaways can be produced with ease. The automatic-opening ball press features a digital temperature and time display and is suitable for all common hot transfer processes. With a specially shaped heating plate and an adjustable cylinder for precise printing, it fits almost all ball sizes and shapes. Experience best performance and highest comfort for all professional applications!

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New to the LITE family:
Away with the jute bags - now come the mesh bags!Away with the jute bags - now come the mesh bags!

Made from 100% organic cotton, super roomy and a fashion highlight this year - we love the bags from Westford Mill in Sage Green, Amber and Orange Rust .

With combined flex and flock foils from SEF and a bit of creativity, the top part can be great refined and individualized - perfect to give away, sell or (as in our case) keep and show off!

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Away with the jute bags - now come the mesh bags!
Picnic like a Pro!Picnic like a Pro!

Textile finishing does not always mean only clothes, bags and Co - it can also be a picnic blanket!

The foldable blanket with PVA-coated underside can be found in five chic colors in the YOW! store.

With the Secabo TC5 Smart we have applied a combination of flex and flock films from SEF and thus made it an individual, optical highlight!

  • Collapsible into a bag with carrying handle
  • top made of anti-pilling fleece
  • bottom PVA-coated


picnic blanket
Picnic like a Pro!
It's getting warm outside!It's getting warm outside!

For trips, bike rides, hikes or simply for school, university or job are thermos bottles so now again the optimal companion!

And we would not be YOW! if we would not also embellish these with self-adhesive film and a little imagination itself! The self-adhesive film from Ritrama in standard matt holds super well on the smooth surfaces. In the dishwasher, the bottle may then no longer, but that's us so a beautiful bonding in any case worth.

  • 3 years outdoor durability
  • already available from 1 running meter
  • simple all-round film at a reasonable price
  • Quality Made in Europe

It's getting warm outside!
Why is the transfer temperature important for flex and flock films?Why is the transfer temperature important for flex and flock films?

Textile finishing with flex and flock films is a popular method for creating single and multi-color transfers on garments and accessories. Flex films consist of a thin PU or PVC film with a hot melt adhesive layer and transparent backing, while flock films consist of small fiber bundles.

The correct transfer temperature plays a key role. If it is too low, the films will not adhere optimally and could come off during washing or wearing. If the temperature is too high, on the other hand, there is a risk of damage or melting of the film.

In this blog article, learn why the right transfer temperatures are crucial to achieving optimal and durable results! 

Why is the transfer temperature important for flex and flock films?







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Shirts for Tennis Team with Secabo Heatpress TCP TC Pfaffenhofen #tennis #jersey #shirts

For the Men 30 of TCP Pfaffenhofen we produced team shirts with the plotters, presses and cross lasers of Secabo!

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Cap pressing with Secabo - Workwear with the TCC LITE cap press

Secabo LITE family grows and grows - now the TCC LITE cap press is launched! Despite its low price, it convinces with a digital controller for temperature and pressing time, the ingenious, modular design and an easily adjustable contact pressure. In addition, it is almost uncapable ( 😂 😂 😂 ). Thanks to the different base elements, caps and hats in different sizes are no longer a problem! (Item number in the YOW! store: 109.022.00 ) The adjustable cap is of course also available in the store - in 10 different colors! (item number in the YOW! store: MP.318323 ) Check out the YOW! store and see for yourself! 🤩