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Secabo TS7 LITE Energy Saver!Secabo TS7 LITE Energy Saver!

🌱🔋 Experience the next step in energy efficiency with the Secabo TS7 LITE Energy Saver! 🔋🌱

This ultimate upgrade sets new standards in the world of textile finishing. With the innovative ES7 heating plate, which saves up to 80% energy, our latest press combines impressive performance with responsible energy consumption. 🌍✨

Ideal for all common heat transfer processes such as flex foils, sublimation and DTF transfers. Optionally expandable with versatile interchangeable plates and advanced functions for maximum productivity and safety. 🛠️👕

Shift up a gear with a smaller ecological footprint and let your creativity blossom sustainably! 🌸🎨

Secabo TS7 LITE Energy Saver!
Secabo TS7 LITE Energy Saver!
🎉 Answers to the most frequently asked questions at last! 🎉🎉 Answers to the most frequently asked questions at last! 🎉

🤔 Wondering which Secabo heat press - the TS5 Economy or the TS5 Lite - is better for you? You're not alone! We are asked this question so often that we have written a detailed blog article about it. 📄

Secabo TS5 Economy:

🧥 Perfect for thicker textiles such as hoodies

Secabo TS5 Lite:

🌍 Energy Saver model available to reduce operating costs and protect the environment

Both models are masters at handling DTF and standard transfer films, but it's the subtleties that make the difference. Curious? Read all about it on our blog!

🎉 Answers to the most frequently asked questions at last! 🎉