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She goes off like a rocket!

The fastest flex film ever, pre-order now in our shop! With the SEF-Flex films RocketCut series you get a flex material of the premium class. Optimal weeding properties, an adhesive backing and very easy handling will inspire you this flex material. The SEF Flex is available in 46 different colours, with only 3 seconds pressing time at 150 °C and medium contact pressure!

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This is of course not a problem at all with the products from the

Ready textile transfer

Are you ready for our ready textile transfer? Never heard of it? We want to change that here and today! The Ready textile transfer prints the effects, color gradients and transparencies of your motifs in full color and professionally, even in small editions. What we love about it: Not only is it not necessary to plot, the motif can be easily transferred to the textile in a transfer press. What does that mean for you: You have to go to the ready textile transfer in yow.shop, fill in the most important data and a few days later you will receive your backing paper including a motif by post. Convinced? Then feel free to try it out.