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Secabo transfer press duo for DTF

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Secabo transfer press duo for DTF
Secabo transfer press duo for DTF
Secabo transfer press duo for DTF
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The perfect DTF duo with the BEAST and the TC7 Smart Membrane from Secabo


The absolute professional device for high-end applications at the highest level. The BE AST combines these components:

  • TS7 SMART Transfer Press
  • TB7 Thermobase heated bottom plate
  • HP7 standard heating plate
  • Quick change system

Ideal to gel the adhesive with non-contact heat

  • due to the large working area angle of over 110° ideal for gelling
  • this allows the spacing of a height up to 70mm for non-contact drying
  • by combining the TB7 heatable bottom plate you save time
  • the TB7 ensures an exact temperature distribution over the entire heating surface.
  • thus you create ideal conditions for a flawless transfer

For the ideal workflow we recommend the combination with the


As a base plate, the transfer press has a passive membrane. It opens up many new possibilities in application - especially for transfer objects with large height differences and unevenness. The membrane can be easily inflated via a small blower ball. This allows the user to determine the maximum compensation height of the membrane for a transfer.

Ideal for fixing DTF film

  • Fix TC7 with the membrane at 125° for only 10 sec.
  • Heat marks on the textile can be almost prevented, because only the absolutely necessary part is heated.
  • so the textile is also protected from resublimation and dye migration.
  • and have a perfect result after cooling down
(Secabo BEAST) Size of the work surfaces40cm x 50cm (HP7), 40cm x 50 cm (TB7)
(Secabo BEAST) Adjustment range of Max. Object height70 mm
(Secabo BEAST) Swivel angle110 °, opening to the right or left possible
(Secabo BEAST) max. temperature225 °C (HP7, 160 °C (TB7) °C
(Secabo BEAST) max. contact pressure250 g/cm² (HP7)
(Secabo BEAST) max. time preselection999 s (TS7 SMART)
(Secabo BEAST) Power supply:AC voltage 230V / 50Hz - 60Hz, 2 kW (TS7 SMART) and AC voltage 230V / 50Hz - 60Hz, 2.0kW (TB7)
(Secabo BEAST) Environment+5°C - +35°C/ 30% - 70% humidity (applies to all components)
(Secabo BEAST) DimensionsW: 596 mm x D:1070 mm H:854 mm (TS7 SMART with stand) and 41cm x 51cm x 7cm (TB7)
(Secabo BEAST) Scope of deliveryTransfer press (TS7 SMART), TB7, HP7, quick-change system, power cable and German operating instructions
(Secabo BEAST) Pressure settingvia height adjustment of the heating plate
(Secabo BEAST) Weight without packaging81,00 kg
(Secabo BEAST) Weight with packaging95,24 kg
(TC7 SMART MEMBRAN) Dimensions open47cm x 93cm x 80cm
(TC7 SMART MEMBRAN) Dimensions closed47cm x 57cm x 80cm
(TC7 SMART MEMBRAN) Size of work surface40cm x 50cm
(TC7 SMART MEMBRAN) Size Diaphragm base plate47cm x 57cm
(TC7 SMART MEMBRAN) Scope of deliveryMechanical base, Heating plate, Base plate, Diaphragm base plate, Fastening set, Controller Box, C13 Power cable, Tools, Operating instructions
(TC7 SMART MEMBRAN) Pressure settingHeight adjustment of the heating plate by means of handwheel, fine adjustment with blower ball and drain valve of the diaphragm
(TC7 SMART MEMBRAN) max. contact pressure250 g / cm ²
(TC7 SMART MEMBRAN) max. temperature225 °C
(TC7 SMART MEMBRAN) max. time preselection999 s
(TC7 SMART MEMBRAN) max. folding angle40 °
(TC7 SMART MEMBRAN) Power supplyAC voltage 230V / 50Hz - 60Hz, 2.0kW
(TC7 SMART MEMBRAN) Environment+5°C - +35°C / 30% - 70% humidity
(TC7 SMART MEMBRAN) Weight without packaging53 kg
(TC7 SMART MEMBRAN) Weight with packaging61 kg
weight with package156,24 kg

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