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Curly patches

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Article number: MP.399355
Curly patches
Curly patches
Curly patches
Curly patches
Curly patches
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This item can be customized by you. The price depends on the configuration selected below and will be displayed once you have selected a valid configuration.

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your contact
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YOW! Sales Teammail@y-o-w.com0800 - 9697467

Curly patches

1. Motif upload

Upload the file to be printed here. Important information, such as the size of the image and the required resolution, can be found in the "Product Details" tab. Files in the following formats are accepted: pdf, jpg, gif, png. The maximum file size is 250 megabytes.

Your file could not be uploaded.

2. format

Enter here the desired dimensions of your patch. The maximum size is 10 x 10 cm. The minimum side length is 1 cm. The resulting area from width and height must be greater than or equal to 25 cm².


3. options

Through the following options you have the possibility to fully customize the item to your needs.

Embroidery or weaving with metal threads

No color

Production of the patch 100% from felt-based bouclé material. Bouclé fabric is characterized by its irregular, particularly soft and cozy surface.

Thicker kettel edge applied to the top and bottom of the patch.

We attach the hook tape of the Velcro on the back of the patch.

We attach the loop tape of the Velcro on the back of the patch.

We attach the hook tape of the Velcro on the back of the patch and send the loop tape separately.

We attach the loop tape of the Velcro on the back of the patch and send the hook tape separately.

4. production time

The production time for patches is currently 12 business days. Please note that the production time for patches can not be shortened and plus approx. 1 - 3 working days for delivery by the shipping service provider.

5. File check

If you are not quite sure whether you have created your print data without errors, then we recommend that you have your print data professionally checked by our experts. Please note that the start of production of your order will be delayed by one working day or until possible problems have been clarified if you have selected file checking.

Recommended for advanced users.

Recommended for beginners.

Includes the following services:

  • Check for embedded fonts
  • Check for correct exemption of all objects
  • Checking with regard to the number and allocation of printing inks
  • Checking for sufficient resolution of individual objects
  • Checking the absolute dimensions

Should you decide against file verification, your transfers will be produced without verification according to your file. In this case, we cannot accept liability for errors resulting from an incorrectly created file.

6. Add to shopping cart

The price will be displayed here once you have fully configured the item.
Minimum order quantity: 100
Please enter a quantity.
QuantityformatPrice per piece (excl. VAT)
100 bis 30010*103,68 €
300 bis 50010*102,33 €
500 bis 1.00010*102,03 €
1.000 bis 3.00010*101,62 €
3.000 bis 5.00010*101,47 €
5.000 bis 9.99910*101,38 €
100 bis 3005*51,57 €
300 bis 5005*51,07 €
500 bis 1.0005*50,88 €
1.000 bis 3.0005*50,70 €
3.000 bis 5.0005*50,59 €
5.000 bis 9.9995*50,54 €
100 bis 3006*61,89 €
300 bis 5006*61,37 €
500 bis 1.0006*61,03 €
1.000 bis 3.0006*60,85 €
3.000 bis 5.0006*60,78 €
5.000 bis 9.9996*60,72 €
100 bis 3007*72,10 €
300 bis 5007*71,52 €
500 bis 1.0007*71,24 €
1.000 bis 3.0007*70,98 €
3.000 bis 5.0007*70,94 €
5.000 bis 9.9997*70,88 €
100 bis 3008*82,53 €
300 bis 5008*81,86 €
500 bis 1.0008*81,40 €
1.000 bis 3.0008*81,15 €
3.000 bis 5.0008*81,11 €
5.000 bis 9.9998*81,05 €
100 bis 3009*92,88 €
300 bis 5009*92,09 €
500 bis 1.0009*91,63 €
1.000 bis 3.0009*91,31 €
3.000 bis 5.0009*91,24 €
5.000 bis 9.9999*91,18 €

Depending on the selected quantity and delivery address, our normal shipping costs may still apply. You can find a current overview of our shipping costs here: Shipping

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