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Secabo C60 V with LAPOS² + Secabo TC5 SMART

by YOW!

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Secabo C60 V LAPOS2 cutting plotter in an attractive set with the new Secabo TC5 SMART transfer press, which can be conveniently controlled via Bluetooth with the SMART Transfer App.

If purchased individually, the items included in the package would 1.898,00 €cost in total.

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About this package


  • 1 × Secabo C60 V vinyl cutter
  • 1 × Secabo TC5 SMART modular heat press 38cm x 38cm with Bluetooth


Secabo C60 V vinyl cutter
The plotter presents itself with completely new, convenient menu and user guidance and in an independent design. High cutting quality and precision make the Secabo C60 V cutting plotter a reliable universal partner. With its stepper motor, all common materials in advertising technology can be processed.
Secabo TC5 SMART modular heat press 38cm x 38cm with Bluetooth
The new Secabo TC5 SMART heat press offers a work surface of 38 cm x 38 cm, is easy to operate and robust in ongoing operation. Additional functions such as the calculation of heating times and warning functions make the app a valuable aid for all common hot transfer processes.