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CraftY StarterBox "All in 1

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CraftY StarterBox "All in 1
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You can't decide whether you'd rather finish textiles or label surfaces - all you know is that you want to do it yourself!

The CraftY StarterBox "All in 1" helps you with that, because it contains EVERYTHING you need and the best thing is: You can start immediately.

No matter what you start with, the first step is always the same:

With DrawCut PRO you can easily create unbeatable designs and layouts and control the YOW! CraftY Cutter with WiFi. This handy cutting plotter for the hobby and creative sector is equipped with professional functions and enables high-class results even without prior knowledge.

The included blades, cutter, weeding pen, squeegee and tweezers are perfectly matched to the conditions of the foils. Both the five high-quality Ritrama films and the six SEF flex and flock films impress with their outstanding quality and durability.

The final transfer to the medium of your choice takes place in the last step:

The professional transfer film has a grained surface with micro-small air escape channels, making it perfect for bubble-free transfer and mounting of small to medium-sized film plots.

With the heat press Secabo TC2 you transfer your designs and ideas permanently and super easy to your textiles: With its large opening angle and the digital controller for temperature and time it is super easy to use and due to its small size also totally mobile!

Nothing stands in the way of your start in the wonderful world of textile finishing and film application with the unbeatable CraftY StarterBox "All in 1". Get started right away!

This bundle contains the following items:

  • YOW! CraftY Cutter with WiFi
  • Secabo TC2 transfer press 23cm x 33cm
  • Silicone mat 30cm x 40xm
  • 2 rolls SEF flex foil, each 1m x 50cm (FlexCut white, FlexCut black)
  • 2 rolls SEF flock foil, each 1m x 50cm (VelCut white, VelCut black)
  • Paper and foil cutter Secumax Snitty
  • Foil tweezers with protective cover
  • Weeding pen for foil plots
  • Stainless steel cutter with snap-off blade
  • 1 roll transfer film transparent R Tape AT65 100µ, 100m x 30,5cm
  • 5 rolls self-adhesive films Ritrama standard white, black, red, signal blue and green, each 1m x 30cm
  • 3 squeegees (plastic squeegee small, combination squeegee with roller, felt squeegee for dry application)
Technical data cutterYOW! CraftY Cutter
(Cutter) TypeHobby plotter
(cutting plotter) max. media width500 mm
(cutting plotter) max. cutting width390 mm
(cutting plotter) max. contour cutting width350 mm
(cutting plotter) max. cutting speed.600 mm/s
(Cutting plotter) Contact pressure800 g
(cutting plotter) Automatic contour cuttingCamera
(cutting plotter) Cutting accuracy+/- 0,01 mm
(cutting plotter) Repeatability0,082 mm
(cutting plotter) ConnectionsUSB cable (true USB, no driver installation required) U-Disk (supports both normal cutting and contour cutting), Wifi (optional).
(cutting plotter) contour cutting functionLAPOS XPT, automatic multi-pass mark recognition
(cutting plotter) OperationLarge touchscreen menu
(cutting plotter) Internal memory128 MB
(cutting plotter) Power supply24V 1.5A
(Cutting plotter) Environment+5°C - +35°C / 30% - 70% humidity
(cutting plotter) Weight without packaging10 kg
(cutting plotter) Weight with packing11 kg
(cutter) Dimensions (W x H x D)770 x 310 x 265 mm
(cutting plotter) Scope of deliveryCutting plotter, multilingual cutting software DrawCut PRO (Windows), drag knife 60°(blue cap), drag knife 45°(red cap), ball bearing knife holder, plot pen for testing + cartridge, plot pad, connection cable, USB cable, German user manual
Technical data transfer pressSecabo TC2
(Transfer press) Dimensions34cm x 40cm x 46cm
(Transfer press) Size work surface23cm x 33cm
(Transfer press) Pressure settingthe heating plate can be adjusted with a hand reel
(Transfer press) max. contact pressure150 g/cm²
(Transfer press) max. temperature225 °C
(Transfer press) max. time preselection999 s
(Transfer press) Folding angle0°-45°
(Transfer press) Power supply230V / 50Hz - 60Hz, 1,0kW
(Transfer press) Environment5°C - +35°C / 30% - 70% humidity
(Transfer press) Weight without packing18 kg
(Transfer press) Weight with packing19 kg
weight with package36,44 kg